Should you use a traditional (boring) roster system or indulge in the unparalleled excitement that the superflex position brings in your fantasy football league? You might be tempted to shy away from the thought of allowing users to have a starting lineup with more than one quarterback, but hear us out. The potential of starting two quarterbacks is not as imposing as you might think.

What is a Superflex in Fantasy Football?

Just in case you’re not aware (don’t worry we’ll speed through this), the superflex is an optional addition to fantasy football league that allows a fantasy football team to roster an extra player. However, unlike the traditional flex position, which only allows rostering of a WR/TE/RB, the Superflex allows one to roster any of QB/WR/TE/RB. In other words, you could theoretically roster two quarterbacks on any given weekend slate. This is usually where the concept for the league runs into problems.

A Case For Reason: Would Having Two QB’s in a Lineup Really Be That Bad?

While the argument continues to descend into online madness, I want to present an impassioned argument from a member fo a  ten-person fantasy football league debating this very topic. (Note: the vote did not pass–this league will stay a single quarterback system).
And this one…
This graph represents the top 30 qbs and their avg fantasy points scored last year per game in the league being discussed. Though a small sample, table your skepticism till the end.
This graph represents the top 30 RBs and their avg fantasy points scored last year per game.
This graph represents the top 40 WRs and their avg fantasy points scored last year per game.  Now all three of these graphs may look similar to some of you.  Especially those of you who struggle with math and voted against superflex.  So let me tell you…
Lastly, let’s look at a graph where our lines overlap to get a full view of how the points shake out by position.
What we see here is that all 3 positions are top-heavy.  That doesn’t change anything regardless of the format we play.  However, all 3 positions trend in almost exactly the same way and are way closer together in points than it may seem.  Top 10 qbs do score ~3/4 more points than top 10 rbs and wrs.  But after that, qbs trend closer to the average wr.  Yet we start 3 (and sometimes 4, maybe 5 this year) wrs.  We also start 2/3/4 rbs.  That means only 10 qbs are on starting rosters every week and now, a minimum of likely 40 wrs and 30 rbs will start with our added flex. Someone. Anyone. Please explain to me how adding superflex hurts your fantasy league!!?!?!?!
OK, so those are some numbers that support adding the superflex spot (which I will go ahead and remind everyone now that it doesn’t mean you have to start a QB in that spot).  Now let’s talk about the other benefits….
  1. Roster Flexibility – Every team is built differently and the game changes every week due to injuries/matchups/byes. Superflex gives every roster the opportunity to add more flexibility into their starting lineups every week, whether they need it for safety or upside.  There are simply more avenues to compete.
  2. Rookie Draft – With QB values on par with other positions, the rookie draft becomes fun again.  Right now, all most people do is draft rbs and wrs. Most of us can google consensus rankings and draft from that. If a strategy is universal, can it even be called a strategy?  Adding qbs into the draft, not only does it actually put the most important position on the football field back into our rookie drafts, but it provides again more flexibility in how we build our teams and puts more players into our player pool.  Currently, you likely are drafting 3rd, 4th, and sometimes 5th guys on depth charts while quality starting qbs are available in free agency.
  3. Points – For F*** sake this is a game, everyone loves more points!!
I know many of you voted against superflex based solely on your current QB situation. This is so short-sighted. Not only would the change not happen for 3 years, giving you plenty of time to address any needs you think you may have, but it would benefit the league tremendously in the long run. Think macro not micro.  Just look at how the real NFL has evolved over the past decade. Runningbacks are worthless and QBs and WRs are making more money than ever.  Why wouldn’t we want to roster the biggest names and moneymakers??
So when breaking all of this down, we come back to some main core elements. Changing to a superflex dynasty league adds more variety to drafts. It gives more value to the most valuable position in sports. Teams and owners become more consistent by being able to utilize the highest-scoring players in fantasy in more places. Also, the skill gap is retained if not intensified due to the need for having as many quality quarterbacks as you can on your rosters.
If all that doesn’t make you want to give superflex a shot then I am out of ideas and fuck it I guess.