I first deposited $5 on DraftKings on a Sunday morning and 8 hours later I had WON 1.5 million dollars, had LOST 30 pounds, and began having the BEST sex of my life.

In reality I started KnowTheBet.com some 15 years ago with the plan of making it a sports information site that went nowhere but at least got me started in website development and statistics. I repurchased the domain in 2022 as a way to keep up with all of the great fantasy football advice I find, as well as serve as a commitment device to keep me from throwing money in the Millimaker every week.

We’ll also be using this site for sports web applications such as our Mets inspired Word Game and publishing occasional news and opinion pieces (perhaps the occasional hit piece). If you would like to submit your essay here contact us on social media with your pitch. If it’s interesting and relevant we’ll publish it. If you have an idea about a web application you would like to see or sports related trivia game

Speaking of community, one of the great things about daily fantasy sports is its dependent nature on what others do. It isn’t just about picking the most productive player but also players that are lower owned. With that in mind, if you either have advice about a strategy we have not included or have spotted an error on any page please let us know and we’ll correct it. Unless of course you believe that this sites perpetuation of this error has given you an undeniable edge over the field. In which case, you do you.

We hope to keep this site free with limited ads to pay the bills but we’ll play it by ear. In the meantime if you’re looking for paid services I’ll probably create a list at some point of suggestions and improvements that either I or friends have used and found helpful. Other than that, Adam Levitan and company have produced a solid product at EstablishTheRun.com which, while not transforming me into the millionaire I imagined from Draftkings and Fanduel commercials, did greatly improve my overall scores in fantasy tournaments and has inspired me to take it a little more seriously.

Whether that was for the best or not remains to be seen.