As we approach the 2023-24 college football season, we are greeted with a cacophony of predictions and odds, especially within the always-compelling Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). And we, will avoid contributing too much. Based on the odds (below) we can observe that some favorites are clearly distinguished, but there are also potential dark horses ready to take the stage.

Team Odds
Clemson +160
Florida State +170
North Carolina +600
Louisville +750
NC State +1200
Miami Florida +1600
Pittsburgh +2200
Duke +3300
Wake Forest +4000
Syracuse +4000
Virginia +10000
Boston College +10000
Virginia Tech +8000
Georgia Tech +10000

Favorites To Win

Starting from the top, we have Clemson at +160, reflecting their recent domination in the ACC and the market’s confidence in Dabo to right the ship. Despite a drop-off in 2022, new QB Cade Clubnik (an intriguing Heisman candidate in his own right) takes over the team. Clemson is a football powerhouse with a well-established program continuously churning out elite talent. With several returning players and a strong recruiting class, the Clemson Tigers are poised to rebound and secure another ACC title.

Coming in at a close second, we have Florida State at +170. The Seminoles are showing signs of a resurgence following a few rebuilding years. Florida State has consistently attracted a high level of talent, and this year they may have the pieces necessary to translate this talent into a championship run.

The Contenders

While Clemson and Florida State are favorites, many teams are lined up as serious contenders for the ACC title. North Carolina at +600 and Louisville at +750 lead the pack of these aspirants. North Carolina has demonstrated potential in the past few seasons, while Louisville, possessing a dynamic offensive arsenal, could surprise many.

The other teams in this category, NC State at +1200 and Miami Florida at +1600, may not be the traditional powerhouses. Still, their rosters boast formidable talents who, on a good day, can upset the dynamics of the ACC.

The Dark Horses

Betting odds also paint a picture of potential dark horses who, while underdogs, might deliver shockwaves across the conference. Pittsburgh at +2200, Duke at +3300, Wake Forest and Syracuse both at +4000 fall into this category. These teams have been steadily improving and have the potential to cause a few upsets, making the race for the championship more intriguing.

The Long Shots

Further down the list, we have Virginia, Boston College, and Georgia Tech at +10000 and Virginia Tech at +8000. Although their odds are long, any devoted fan or seasoned pundit knows that surprises are part of the sport. The fact that these teams are considered long shots is only motivation for them to work harder and prove the doubters wrong.

So, that’s where we are. Who you taking?