This is our list of our favorite Super Bowl underdog picks for the upcoming 2020-2021 season with our rationale behind it. One should note that this list was compiled in the last week of March, 2020 so be sure to calibrate your expectations accordingly. 

Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl Odds: 2021 Odds 28 to 1 

As cliche as this is, why not the Colts? Let’s say recently signed veteran Quarterback Phillip Rivers is at least “good”, if not his former self. Add him to what was already a suspiciously good team and they are immediately an interesting Super Bowl contender. Let’s not forget that, as of April 2nd, they still have the draft and trades to fill the few weak spots they have on the roster. Perhaps the most important point to note here: would they really sign Phillip Rivers with a plan to win later? 

The coming months will tell more about their design for the immediate future (will they spend a draft pick to draft a quarterback of the future?) but for now, they certainly have to be in the conversation. As do other AFC South foes..

Tennessee Titans Super Bowl Odds: 2021 30 to 1 

Prior to the resurgence of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, the Titans were the symbol of mediocrity within the division. Under the frustrating talent of Marcus Mariota, the Titans were seldom relevant. However with running back Derrick Henry returning, as well as breakout receiver A.J. Brown, the Titans are poised for a breakout year. 

Insider’s take: Now at three consecutive years we have a very nice sample size indicating a clear pattern. As the NFL season wears on, Derrick Henry (with his size) becomes more and more dangerous as banged up and worn down defenses have difficulty bringing down the 250 pound, 6 foot 2 inch tall running back. If the Titans can be around .500 as the winter approaches, we like Tennessee’s chances to finally bring the trophy home.

At 30 to 1, one can imagine worse bets. 

Houston Texans Super Bowl Odds: 50/1

Yet another AFC South team (don’t worry we won’t mention the Jags), the Houston Texans have gotten increasingly less trendy following the mind boggling trade of star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to the Arizona Cardinals, for injury plagued running back David Johnson. However one forgets that Quarterback Deshaun Watson, who is coming off back to back pro bowl selections, still has plenty of upside left to go and now appears to have a dynamic, multi faceted running back lining up behind him (or next to him). 

At this point, with all of the money headed in a different direction following the mind boggling trade, the Texans are a steal at 50/1. 

Cleveland Browns Super Bowl Odds: 33/1

We know, we know….but one more time: 

The Cleveland Browns remind me of a certain MLB team that for years have been lauded as “paper champions,” the Washington Nationals. They will field a Heisman winning quarter back, a top five running back in Nick Chubb. His backup, Kareem Hunt, was a first team all pro in 2017. Two all pro receivers in Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry, and they signed a top five tight end out of Atlanta in Austin Hooper to match up with David Njoku. Their offensive line got better with the additions of Jack Conklin and Evan Brown. 

 Cleveland had a fairly successful 2019 draft as they went all defense and special teams. The Browns traded up to draft Greedy Williams out of LSU in the second round, and got an absolute steal in the fifth round in linebacker Mack Wilson from Alabama. With the return of Myles Garrett and the offseason addition of Sheldon Richardson, they will have talent on both sides of the ball. 

The Browns, much like the Nationals look great on paper, but have failed to produce on the field. Both teams, loaded with talent, but unable to make the next step until 2019 when Washington finally put it all together. In 2020 the Browns will be “underdogs” for the Lombardi trophy, depending on their success and if they can put it all together like the Nationals, they might just be the favorites by midseason. The talent is there. I believe they can finally bring the Lombardi trophy to Cleveland and silence all the haters. 

Baker Mayfield may well have fallen flatter than a circle, but the former AFC North favorites still possess plenty of talent and upside (especially at 33 to 1).