The 2020 College Football season has been a bit of a cluster and that is really putting it nicely. On any given week, there are a dozen or more games that are canceled or postponed. One team inside the Top 4 has played just five games. Plus, we are still unsure whether or not the College Football Playoffs or Semi-Final games will go off without a hitch or a cancellation. All in all, it has not been a banner season for the NCAA.

After the latest release of the CFP Standings which has Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson, and Ohio State leading the way, there are a lot of upset fans and upset conferences that have bones to pick with the selection committee. The glaring issue is that Ohio State has played just five games and their sixth, scheduled for this weekend against Michigan, has been canceled. This in turn has caused the Big 10 to change a previous rule that stated all teams eligible for the conference championship must have played six games. SEC fans would like to see one of their teams in the top four over Ohio State and others are upset that Notre Dame will be an automatic “in” even if they lose to Clemson in the ACC Championship Game.

I have decided there are a couple of matchups that we, as fans, deserve to see and could help the committee pick a more decisive top four.

Ohio State vs Texas A&M

Both of these teams are without games this weekend and if it were up to me, they should just be playing each other. Ohio State is ranked number four with a 5-0 overall record while A&M ranks number five with a 7-1. Their one loss came badly at the hands of Alabama but they do have a few impressive wins, including a big one over number 6 Florida.

Aggie fans believe based on the sheer fact that they have had to play three more games than Ohio State and that the Buckeye’s only real competition was from Indiana that they should be ranked higher. They make a pretty compelling case as it’s hard to argue that a five-win football team is deemed one of the top four in the nation based on the “eye test” alone.

If these two teams went up against each other, it would be the ultimate way of “setting it on the field.” The winner claims the number four spot, no questions asked. We can see if Ohio State really is as dominant as their ranking suggests or if they just haven’t faced legitimate competition up to this point.

Coastal Carolina vs Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Bearcats have been one of the best surprises of the 2020 football season. They have also been some of the worst victims of COVID-19 as well. The Bearcats are undefeated at 8-0 and have the looks of a team that could have hung around with that 2017 UCF team. The issue is that the Bearcats have not beaten a ranked opponent and when they’ve had a chance to do so, the game has been canceled. Cincinnati will more than likely make a New Year’s Six Bowl as the non-power five schools.

But the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers would like a word. Coastal Carolina called up BYU 48 hours before last Saturday’s game and stepped up to the challenge to take on the undefeated Cougars. They responded with an exciting win and some argue they should make a New Year’s Six games. Coastal is a perfect 10-0, the most wins in college football. This has no impact on the CFP but would be fun to watch.

Notre Dame vs Alabama

Notre Dame has nothing left to prove to the committee after pulling off a perfect record in their first season in the ACC and upsetting Clemson. But I have an issue with the Fighting Irish. They beat a Clemson team that was without their best player, Trevor Lawrence. Other than that, their only other quality win has come against an overrated UNC Tarheels team ranked 17th at the time.

Notre Dame seems to get a seat at the table nearly every year and each time they fall flat on their face. Is anything going to be that much different this time around? I would rather see Florida or A&M have a shot in the Top Four this year as Notre Dame has a long-standing history of choking on the biggest of stages. The last time they played Alabama was in the National Championship…they lost 42-14. Nothing has truly convinced me that Notre Dame is all that different than they are from years past. If Clemson beats up on them in the ACC Championship, I’d also like to see them play Alabama before we waste a CFP spot.