Given the Mets are a four letter word anywhere you go in the self respecting Major League Baseball world and we, after all, are Atlanta natives, we thought we would make this Wordle-inspired game specifically for Mets fans and haters. While no curse words appear in the correct answers, beware things might get nasty. Go Braves!

How to play: Insert your four letter guess into the field below below. If one of your letters is correct and in the right position it will show as green, orange if the letter appears somewhere in the word but is in the wrong position, and black if the guess is wrong. After you get the correct answer, a new word will open up at midnight. One difference (outside of it being 4 letters and not 5), as the treachery and disgracefulness of the Metropolitans knows no limits, you can guess unlimited times.

Note: the four letter word in the poster image for the  game is not included in the potential answers…but think along those lines.

Good luck!

What 4-Letter Word Comes To Mind When you Think of the Mets?

Mets-Braves Rivalry Facts

The Mets and Braves rivalry is one of the great rivalries in Major League Baseball steeped in tradition and defined by passion. The two teams have met 915 times since their first meeting which that took place at the Polo Grounds on May 11, 1962 (which naturally saw the Braves winning 8-5). Overall, the Braves have dominated the series with a 495–411–1 record against the lowly Mets.

The rivalry really took off during the Braves historic run in the 90’s when the Braves won an unprecedented fourteen consecutive division titles, including dominant streaks over The Bad Guys (THIS IS WHAT THE METS WERE CALLED). The current streak sits at 4, also in favor of the Braves, and will be rekindled on April 28th in their first meeting in the 2023 MLB season.

The Braves will look to continue their complete and utter dominance against the Sin City Mets in their home series in Atlanta that starts tonight June 6th, 2023.