To be clear, the position that typically scores the most fantasy points in fantasy football is the running back position. They tend to score the most points due to their ability to score touchdowns and rack up yardage. However, the quarterback position also scores a significant amount of points due to their ability to throw for touchdowns, yards and do it on the ground as well. The short answer to this long standing question is: it depends on the league.

The scoring system used in fantasy football leagues can vary widely. Some leagues use a standard scoring system that is similar to the one used by the NFL, while others use a custom scoring system that is tailored to the preferences of the league’s participants.

The most common scoring system is the “standard” one. This system awards points for touchdowns, field goals, extra points, yards gained, and turnovers. This type of scoring is used in many online fantasy football platforms and in most of the fantasy leagues. These leagues allow one to roster a defense, a kicker, and reward turnovers for the defense.

Custom scoring systems are less common, but they can be found in some leagues. These systems may award points for more specific statistics, such as receptions for running backs, or they may award bonus points for milestones, such as 300-yard passing games.

In general, custom scoring systems are less common than standard scoring systems, but they can be found in some leagues. If you join a custom scoring system league, it’s important to understand the scoring system and how it affects the value of different positions and players.

The Star Running Back

Full stop here if you’re looking for what is the most valuable position: the most valuable player you can have still (in 2023) is a star running back. Running backs tend to score the most fantasy points because they are involved in both the running and passing game. They can score touchdowns by running the ball into the end zone, and they can also catch passes and score that way. Additionally, running backs typically get a large number of carries, which allows them to rack up yardage and earn points for their fantasy team.

It’s worth it to mention that the scoring system of the league you are playing in could affect the final outcome, so it’s important to check your league’s scoring system before draft or trade.

However, there’s just not that many star running backs in today’s NFL. Even the few that do exist have short shelf lifes compared to other positions in football making them risky options in dynasty leagues.

The Quarterback

Quarterbacks are often considered valuable in fantasy football due to their consistency and high point ceiling (however, as we’ve noted, the value of the quarterback can be overrated). They have a high point floor, meaning that they will score a relatively high number of points even in a bad game, because they throw the ball often and can rack up yards and touchdowns even if the running game is not performing well.

Additionally, quarterbacks also have a high point ceiling, meaning that they are capable of scoring a large number of points in a single game. This is because they can throw for multiple touchdowns in a game and rack up a large number of passing yards.

Passing touchdowns are one of the most valuable statistics in fantasy football, and quarterbacks are responsible for throwing the majority of touchdowns. This makes them a valuable asset for fantasy teams looking to score points. Some leagues also award a bonus point for every passing yard, which further increases the point floor and point ceiling for quarterbacks. This gives them an added advantage and makes them even more valuable to fantasy teams.

Furthermore, there are some quarterbacks that are considered elite and have a track record of consistently scoring a lot of points. These elite quarterback are reliable options week in and week out, making them a valuable addition to any fantasy team.

Wide Receivers

The wide receiver position is a highly valued position in fantasy football due to a combination of factors that make them a consistent source of points for fantasy owners.

One of the main reasons that wide receivers are so valuable is their high number of receptions. Wide receivers are typically one of the primary targets for their team’s quarterback, and as a result, they receive a high number of passes thrown their way. This leads to a high number of receptions and therefore a high number of points for receptions in many fantasy football scoring systems.

Another reason that wide receivers are so valuable is their potential for touchdowns. Wide receivers have a high likelihood of scoring touchdowns, which results in a large amount of points in most fantasy football leagues. Touchdowns are often the most heavily weighted scoring category in fantasy football, making wide receivers a valuable source of points for fantasy owners.

Wide receivers also offer consistency, which is a critical factor in fantasy football. Unlike running backs, who can be heavily influenced by game script and therefore have inconsistent production from week to week, wide receivers often have a more consistent role in the passing game. This makes them a reliable source of points for fantasy owners, as they are less likely to be negatively impacted by unfavorable matchups. Using stats such as ADOT (average depth of target) and targets (how many times a player is targeted by a pass) can help you pick the right receivers.

Tight Ends

Finally the often touchdown dependent tight end. Tight ends are often very touchdown dependent and therefore have a high degree of variance on any given Sunday (especially in leagues that over value touchdowns). Having said that, this is what makes an elite tight end such a weapon on your fantasy team. There are just aren’t that many of them that can reliably put a big numbers on Sundays.