We’ve talked a lot about the Falcons offseason but it looks like they may have an awkward decision ahead of them coming out of camp. At least, if our analysis has any validity.

We have considered seven crucial parameters for our comparison: Arm Strength, Arm Accuracy, Speed, Decision Making, Intangibles, Cadence, and Height. These attributes encapsulate the key physical and mental traits of a successful quarterback.

Our interactive radar chart below presents a visual comparison between Ridder and Heinicke, based on the data we’ve collected. This comparison aims to highlight their individual strengths and weaknesses, offering a clearer perspective of their performances.

Each point on the radar graph represents a different attribute, and the farther away from the center a point is, the higher the player scores in that particular aspect. You’ll notice that the two players have different strengths; for instance, Heinicke excels in decision-making and intangibles, while Ridder showcases superior speed and height.

Scroll down to explore the graph and see how these talented players measure against each other. Remember, the value of a quarterback is not only defined by their physical attributes but also by their strategic understanding of the game and their ability to lead their team. So, use this data as a piece of the puzzle in understanding the whole player.

Chart.js Radar Chart